Midlands search

So it went a little something like this:

15th May: We’re live! (Jam Jar House goes live on Rightmove)

16th May: First viewing on Jam Jar House went well, and another booked in for tomorrow

19th May: The 60s house in Tamworth is sold, but the third viewing on our house went really really well! So we had a row where we both couldn’t help laughing in the middle of it and then immediately almost burst out crying. Now all 5 of us are snuggling under a blanket watching Night at the Museum. I love my marriage

20th May: My new favourite (Victorian terrace in Tamworth town centre, modern decor)

24th May: Offer received and accepted on Jam Jar House

Prosecco with Moms

27th May: Slogging my way through 301 houses on Rightmove, only on page 5 of 13 argh!

27th May: Have booked two viewings for Monday, really good feeling about them! Yay

30th May: We bought a house today! Voila! This is our new house! Feeling delighted

Prosecco at Dad’s, Libby decided to join in the bubbly

31st May: I think I can get excited now. Feeling tingly

3rd June: Something special about playing with my children at a park I remember well from my childhood

We spend time warming to the countryside between Tamworth and Albert Village

4th June: Seb &Cali enjoying the park and diner next to our new house

7th June: Exploring new stomping grounds (Calke Abbey)

9th June: Ending our homecation on a high at Thomas Land. Feeling nostalgic

9th June: After two long jam-packed weeks away, it’s good to be back in Jam Jar House even though it feels like we’ve just driven two hours from home. Feeling tired

15th June: In school admissions purgatory

26th June: Lovely to be back in north Pembrokeshire

30th June: So excited to have my first wedding booked in for September in my new Midlands patch

6th July: We’ll be waving goodbye to Lechlade two weeks today! Feeling weird









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