Taking the dream back home

In true Jen fashion and to be expected, I have fallen in love with a property on Rightmove days after the For Sale board went up on Jam Jar 1. And I’m calling a Tamworth estate agent for more info on my latest crush, before even out first viewing. We believe in always looking early to be ready to strike at opportunity at a moment’s notice. But like fleshing out the idea of Pemb and living off grid, planning and imagining early, keeps me a happy, positive, driven Mummy and Wife for Ben and the yahoos.

Moving the dream life (Ben committed to finding a way to work from home forever) back to the Midlands to live in a more conventional home, on a more conventional street, to give our kids a more conventional childhood, for ideally up to 5 years, feels so right. It’s a decision of both heart and mind. It makes financial and practical sense. But it’s super exciting. There are so many elements I’m looking forward to.

This house I’ve found, a bit of a doer upper, but nothing major; spacious; garden front and back; a stone’s throw from the Primary school. From the 60s design of the house itself, to the leafy cul de sac, the walk through the estate to the huge park, and town not far beyond, it’s a massive comfort blanket. It’s going to be the best kind of pit stop for us. We don’t see ourselves buying a forever home in the Midlands, or our kids spending their teenage years in Tamworth. But I can see us all being really happy, content and stress-free while we are there, before surging, reenergised into the next phase of Jam Jar Dream Building.

We initially favoured Lichfield or a village in between the two, but searching Rightmove, the one house that made my heart flutter was one mere steps away from my Dad’s flat. It had nothing to do with the house, and everything to do with the location. That told Ben and I all we needed to know. We could move anywhere more affordable than the Cotswolds, but we’re moving back ‘home’ to the Midlands because that’s where family is. Tamworth works for everyone, but especially my Dad, who doesn’t drive, who I have missed so much and now want to be able to drop in on and have drop in on me for random cups of tea and a natter.

You know when you see a house and there’s something you love about it, but then the more you look, the better it gets? It might not be on the market long enough for us, or they might not accept the offer we’d make, but it just as easily might all work out. That’s how chance works. Nothing from last year’s foiled plot to move carries over.

It’s a sensible buy. It’s big enough. It’s safe. It’s quiet. It’s a popular family area. We can add value. HS2? You can walk to town. Close to schools.

It’ll give us a lovely life. I’m picturing the walk to town, the walk to Hopwas and the woods, the easy drive into Elford and other villages, easy connection to Lichfield and Ashby. Nipping round the corner to the newsagents. The kids on bikes playing with the other kids in the close. The house warming BBQ in the back garden.

I know, don’t get too attached. Nah, let’s get attached. Let’s get excited again. Let’s never stop getting excited.



One thought on “Taking the dream back home

  1. Jennie Bradley says:

    Hello: well this is exciting and unexpected 🙂 How did the next steps go: are you still in the running for this place? Hope all well xxxxx


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