Tiny hygge jam jar

I used to find minimalism boring and pretentious-white walls, empty rooms, perfect lines, abstract art. But that is the concept taken to its extreme. I’ve been gradually decluttering our lives over the past couple of years. This new year my mission has been to perma-declutter the kitchen food and cookware cupboards, to reduce the time I spend meal planning, ordering food, and cooking, to reduce food waste, to more easily stick to an exact budget, and to eat more healthily through the ultimate weekly meal plan.

Decluttering every space in the house is a continuous process of shedding, of wittling down to those things I’m not prepared to live without. The kids’ toys are hardest. The idea is that when you live with less, you want less, and so spend less money. Cleaning and tidying is easier, so you can spend more time on the things you love. Minimalism also has the benefit of making moving and relocating easier. We’d be able to choose a smaller house despite intending on a fourth kid. And if we ever reduced as far as a camper van’s worth of stuff, we could travel as a family without even leaving a storage unit behind.

So I’m going to look into building a tiny house. It’s a thing. But I don’t know where people put their homes. On land they own? Or not?

Yea it doesn’t sound very appealing with two adults and four kids. But there might be something in it. A self-build might be easier on us than another renovation. It will certainly be cheaper initially and to run. It would force us to sustain a minimalist low impact lifestyle. Better for the planet. Not spending money on things for the house. We’d have options. We’d be free, free even to roam, but we’d have a base, we could still be rooted.

Everything in pursuit of the dream. And if the dream is freedom…

I’ll never paint my walls white, or stop making a soft cosy candlelit nest, but I’m willing to let go of almost all of my possessions, to get closer to nature, the people around me, and maybe we’d find an inner peace in the tiny. Less is more.



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