When the dream changes…

…the plan has to change too. We’re a dreaming team of three, each with a dream we are trying to fufil together somewhere, somehow. Now we have lost a unique opportunity to try to make our three dreams a reality in France we’re looking for new and exciting ways to live the dream. Our dreams are being put to the test. I’ve had Ben working at home full-time since his accident, and it’s confirmed my wish for us to be together all the time. Homeschooling as part of my dream is something I’m still torn by. Ben has tried on his dream of writing – a room, a rug, a desk, a book – and the reality has shown very quickly, that fulfilment doesn’t lie in the writing, but in the sharing of his ideas. And Moms is starting to plan her retirement, and being asked by us what she really wants from this new chapter in her life.

So that’s the silver lining. We all have a brand new gleaming chance to make sure we’ve got down to the root of and not just an idea of our genuinely deeply held individual dreams. And then we find a plan to fit those dreams. The plan has to start with the team’s Dream. It doesn’t matter how different the next plan is from the plan we fought for and committed to, and lost the ability to see through. The dream rather than the plan is paramount.We woud still love to live in the Ariege. It’s no less amazing. But the only question worth asking is can it fulfil the Dream? Can it fulfil Ben’s deeper than writing new-found dream of belonging to an intellectual community to develop and share his ideas with? Everything must be in pursuit of the dream, so the search is on for the right way, the best way, to reach our dreams, together, somewhere, somehow.



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