Auction House

J: Acts of commitment feel like progress. Today feels like a productive day because having recieved an email from our estate agent yesterday, an auctioneer called today to talk us through the process and offer his valuation of the house.

B: I was mainly worried about them looking the place up and down and going ‘Oh, yeh, we can certainly see this going for around £350,000’, effectively making our last-ditch option a pointless exercise.

J: Taking the house off the open market for two precious weeks so the auction marketing packs more punch is a bit scary, but auction is a much better fit for our house in every sense.

B: Just the fact that if it sells (when it sells) at the auction we’ll be able to celebrate because it’ll be DONE, rather than having to hold our breath our nerve and our balls as we wait in hope between accepting an offer and the final act of completing. And getting the money. And making France happen. No waiting on conveyancing, just counting the days until the final domino falls.

J: It offers us security. Certainty at last. And not necessarily at a price. We have a seven week wait until auction day. But in the meantime, less stress, less worry, less frustration and inconvenience over viewings. Moms is happy we have taken an active step forwad to secure what we need to happen instead of letting things take their course.

B: I like anything that puts the momentum behind our moves, too – it’s not just about getting the full window of promotion before the auction, it’s the fact that anyone interested in our place will immediately feel a different sort of pressure, a different kind of perspective on the decision whether to buy or not. Can they afford to miss out?

J: We are nudging the universe and are back in the driving seat. The dates are fingernail-bitingly close but we only need to scrape inside the deadline. I’m not giving a moment’s thought to where we move to after auction day. We’ll be packed and out as soon as we need to be, regardless.

B: I’m so proud of how once again we’re refusing to allow obstacles to bring an end to the dream. We’re not leaving anything to chance, we’re not crossing our fingers and hoping that our supposed ‘charmed’ existence will result in a buyer dropping from the sky. We’re pulling on all the threads in reach, making all the compromises we can and taking all the best risks available, and though I don’t believe in ‘meant to be’ I wholeheartedly believe that we deserve the dream we’re fighting for.


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