Silly Season

These are crazy times. It seems bizarre, absurd, yet completely narural and right to have Ben at home every day. We are walking down the street with kids asleep in the squeaking double buggy, buckling under the weight of Seb who’s probably too big for it now. Laughing at almost nothing. Feeling relaxed I put my arm round Ben and think how happy we must look to the drivers passing by. We’re laughing in the bathroom. In fits of laughter trying to fill in a job application together for Ben.

For all the worries, health concerns, toddler tantrums, pressure and financial precariousness, there is is a silver lining. And that is enough time together to prove that being together all the time, every day, working together or side by side is exactly what we want and makes us truly happy. This is the crux of the dream. We want to be together.

It’s been beautiful and sunny here, on and off, but although hot enough for English skin, not what you could call hot by Med standards. At CdeR in the middle of the day we’ll be lunching in the shade and then just chilling down for a couple of hours before getting back to work. Because why not enjoy life in the middle of your day? Why wait til the end of the day to start to relax and feel like you’ve lived for a snatched moment in a day?

I like being too busy being a chaotic family living our lives, to keep the house clean and tidy. Life is happening now, it doesn’t wait. So we seized the day, the blue sky, and went out for the day. Part of our long goodbye to the Cotswolds. Ticking something off my bucket list, a last glorious visit to one of the gems here, before we go.

Thankfully CdeR is ideally set up over three floors so that we won’t need to constantly keep every room clean and tidy. Toys can be limited to the kids’ bedrooms, clutter to our private floor, laundry to the laundry room, and washing up to the larder!



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