Silver Linings Playbook

J: I knew WE would be ok even if the country is doomed. Because WE overcome. I knew there would be a silver lining I just didn’t know what it was going to be.

B: I didn’t. I was distraught at 2am on Friday and felt like we’d never been further from the dream. Only now, after two days of talking, the dream has never felt closer.

J: The good news has already started seeping in. That free movement of labour will go on for at least a couple of years.

B: Yesterday I allowed myself one day of laughing out loud, of schadenfreude over the future disappointment of so many Leave voters. It doesn’t seem quite so funny this morning, but our future, our better life, feels just as doable as ever.

J: Ben was hysterical with relief, but I just felt stoically resolute. Until we started to again remake the dream. As we explored countless what ifs… the familiar excitement rose within me, telling me I was getting closer to the perfect revolution of the dream, closer to us.

B: I’ve got excited again as well, which feels absurd but also so entirely us. Now that the uncertainty (or the EU referendum uncertainty at least) is gone, we can adapt, we can evolve. Brexit has basically hurt us as much as it can already. Whatever hurt we take on from here, whatever we lose, is essentially all up to us. We’ve taken back control of our dream!

J: I’m really proud of our silver linings brigade. That we see a fresh opportunity to question and challenge ourselves and to rethink everything in what amounts to a disaster. The end of the world as we know it. Creation out of destruction can genuinely provide the most energising mental spring cleaning.

B: We’ve been paralysed for weeks so to finally be building our momentum again is thrilling, despite the material things we’re having to shear off along the way. But in the end we’re not really reducing an existing plan. We’re not looking at a cut-price vision. We’ve torn up what doesn’t work and instead we’ve found something that could very well work better.

J: It never was about stuff. So if all we lose in all this is money, that’s great for us. because it’s only money. And we can change the way we spend the money we do have so that we still end up with the home, business and life that will really make us happy. Ironically the lower our budget the harder we have to think about the motivations behind our choices and the closer we get to the best decisions for our family.

B: The lack of money forces us to drop the ’boutique’ premium approach and instead to embrace a way of doing this that is far more in keeping with us and our family, a more relaxed and welcoming style. Honestly, the high-end result would have been fantastic but the maintenance would have been super demando. Whereas hitting the relaxed, family atmosphere means we’re still investing in the big value appeals – great baths, big beds, space and better-than-home comforts – but saving money around the edges.

J: It’s more than a positive can do attitude, it’s lateral thinking and letting go of a plan or design we’ve invested and committed to. It’s knowing our priorities and finding creative solutions. It’s finding the compromises that will never feel like sacrifices. It’s gaining more than we lose because the decisions are of us, speak to our soul, and flow and chime with what we already have and believe in.

B: It takes the worst to happen – and this is pretty much THE WORST – for us to be reminded not only that what we’re doing is so freaking prescient but also that, yet again, we’re pursuing our central rule. Want what no one else wants. Everything looks bad right now, but by the time we’re out there, set and with the biggest obstacles behind us, I’ve a feeling that in hindsight our entire crazy project will have been perfectly timed.

~J |B




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