It can feel like there’s nothing we can do…

…beyond hope that things will work out, beyond waiting for the EU referendum to happen, waiting for someone to come and view the house, waiting for an offer we can take and still make our dream happen. We soldier on with DIY and life keeps going (cricket fixtures tempting me, the desire to just get out the house and spend time with our crazy and awesome chids, leaving dos, visits, friends…) and what more can we do but wait? And yet there are always things we can do, always a way we can make an impact or some sort of impact at least. The only thing I would change about my life is if I could have discovered how suited I am to cricket as early in my youth as possible. To have discovered how much I love this game, and how much I’m fascinated by leg spin bowling. Because sport, and especially cricket I would say, is excellent at teaching that whatever the feeling, whatever the forces at work, however distant the influences seem from being graspable there is always, always something that can be done to make things happen. So why should we wait a week to drop our price? Why not do it now? So often the solutions to problems are just sacrifices we haven’t committed to making yet, but if we know what we want and we know what we need in order to get it, why wait and grasp and reach for that little bit extra, that little bit more? What’s most important at any stage of this crazy wonderful process is to make the dream HAPPEN, to make it real and to do everything in our power to reach that stage where we can finally and ultimately realise our dream – regardless about whether that means we can afford a nicer car, a bigger this or a more expensive this. We can always do something, always have an impact and waiting because of wanting is self-defeating. We can make something happen and we will, every single time.



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