Moms: This holiday is going to be completely different because it’s not just about going somewhere to look at and enjoy it, it’s going to be about experiencing it from the point of view of actually living there.

Jen: I’m looking forward to breathing in the fresh air, and dipping my feet in crystal clear cool water, looking up at a deep blue sky and soaking up the French atmosphere.

Ben: This holiday is the taste of the reward that’s going to keep us going through whatever comes next. The little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It’s going to make it all real.

Moms: I can’t wait to see all the places we’ve looked up on Streetview and seeing what they’re like in real life. We’ve been building it up in our heads for so long, I hope we’re not disappointed in the area!

Jen: I’ve been writing to Nadia for months and she’s been so warm and open that I feel like she’s a friend already, so I’m really happy it’s time to properly meet the woman who’s been instrumental in making our vision a reality.

Ben: We’ve been working so hard this year and we’re just about to top out, so it couldn’t come at a better time. This trip is about making it really firm in our minds why we’re doing what we’re doing. Why we’re doing this crazy thing.

Moms: I’m looking forward to everything. Looking at the little towns, the walks, but I’m also intrigued about the locals – whether they’ll be friendly and welcoming or a little stand offish and a bit wary of us being English.

Jen: The kids are our golden ticket to being accepted as newcomers because they’re so charming and gorgeous, so I can’t wait to see Seb and Cali in that new environment, having fun, smiling and laughing in the French sunshine.

Ben: I am so anticipating walking through Saint-Girons market where we saw that video being taken, and imagining a time when we’ll be dancing through the stalls in a future version of ‘Happy’.

Moms: Alas is the only house that we’re seeing that has really grabbed me. It’ll be nice to see the others, the expensive one in the hills, just out of interest, being nosey, but I can’t envisage us living there.

Jen: It’s all about the Alas house. Again, seeing if it matches up to expectations, and standing in a place that I’ve inhabited in my mind for months, to finally see for sure whether it feels like home.

Ben: I am so in need of a proper foothold in this dream, so to be able to stand in the room that could well be my perfect office and to think about the life I could have in there is something I’m simply dying to experience.


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