It has to be

Six weeks ago today, a property ad found me. It cropped up on my facebook sidebar. The picture of the quintessential Maison de Maitre. I clicked it expecting it to be in a completely different part of France but there it was, not only in the Ariege but near our number one most favourite small town.

It took us a while to figure out where it was exactly. It didn’t take much longer for Nadia to arrange a viewing. It was love at first sight but with a big questionmark over the size of the garden. A compromise far too far for most people, but not for us. In fact we came to see each and every eyesore, shortcoming or drawback as a blessing, an opportunity, and like an large characterful nose, the features that make ‘Cascades de Reves’ as I have named it, perfect for us in every way.

Nothing has come close, in six weeks. I have been willing a strong contender to come along to fight for our attention. But there have been no takers. The only moment of comparable excitement came on seeing a quirky edge of village house with a stunning mountain view up high near our number two favourite smalll town, with a stream running past the house through its grounds.But it did not stand up to our dreams. The business model was less appealing, more expensive, riskier. The house would be a mae do solution. We’d never love it. The nail in the coffin was after hours of discussion, spotting a street lamp right outside our bedroom window.

This week we received the most wonderful news that the parcel of land opposite Cascades woud be for sale at an exceptional price. This bonus that I had been happy to proceed without, makes Cascades truly perfect.

Although we are mulling over a short list of 6 – 8 properties, wanting to view as many viable alternatives as possible, this has to be a one horse race. I have spent six weeks designing the layout of the house, the use of the rooms, the decor and furnishing of the rooms, the gardens, our days hour by hour, our menus by season, and now I can design the bonus land ‘Jam Jar Acre’ too. I have even bought wallpaper.

I feel so free. Cascades makes Ben feel free. It is what it offers us that mean more than its idyllic setting, views, proportions, or period features. It is the safest option. The easiest option. The cheapest option. The option that opens up the most opportunities. That will give us the highest standard of life. If we found out we were pregnant, it would simplify things even further. We’d plump for Alas without hesitation. It wins hands down. It’s because of Cascades that Ben and I feel ready to try for another baby. We can move straight in. Renovation can happen with us in the house, moving from floor to floor. We can afford to rent nearby. I want to pack all of our things according to the rooms I know they will belong to. I want to write on packing boxes ‘Jen’s Office’ ‘Private Kitchen’ ‘Larder’ ‘Laundry’ ‘Moon Lounge’.




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