You can do it too

Ben doesn’t want any of our posts or anything in the book we write using the posts to directly address the reader. So the word ‘you’ is banned. I can only talk about my thoughts, or about our experiences. But I want to record my reaction to some of the reactions to our dream plans. Because it gets to the heart of the reason for writing this book.

“Wow, I’m so jealous! You make my life sound so boring!”

No need to be jealous, just do it, if you want to, or find your own dream and make that happen. I don’t believe in can’t. I believe behind every ‘can’t’ is a ‘don’t want it enough’.

My faith and optimism comes from my Nan. She stood by my Dad in the face of expectation, safety, financial need, and respectability; giving him the support he needed to go after his dream of being a professional musician with full commitment.

My Dad is just one of my heroes. Just one forceful spirit that created something out of nothing. My Uncle Phil was told he would amount to nothing. He built a successful business. Dream lives don’t depend on being born with a silver spoon. They don’t even depend on having idealistic parents. Support makes it easier. But adversity spurs you on. The power is within each and every one of us. Ask any parent whose child has fought and beaten the odds and recovered, amazed and surprised after a devastating accident.

I believe in the power of the human spirit and I believe in miracles of our own making.

It is never too late. It is never too hard. It is never too unlikely or improbable.

The journey to a dream life itself is the reward. So just try. Just give yourself a chance.

What have you got to lose?



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