Colour Palette

Ben will chuckle affectionately and Moms will roll her eyes before becoming genuinely interested in hearing all about it and contributing her opinions. Ben will be harder to engage.

In an effort to give myself a ‘day off’ and cheer myself up a bit, I spent most of the day researching how to choose a colour palette for your whole home. I’m considering a palette of blush white (white with a pink tinge), soft blush (light vintage pink), soft lavender (pale lilac), indigo (very dark lilac almost navy), with an accent colour of rosegold/copper. I’m also considering a palette of pastels including the blush, lilac, pale blue and a sage green. And I’m also considering a palette of muted but not pastel earthy autumnal tones which includes a sage green, a blue, and a coppery colour, but neither shade of indigos.

I’m expecting Moms to favour the pastel palette as she goes for understated neutrals, having previously been a fan of the colour putty and having fantasised about a hive house in all soft greys. I think Ben will prefer the third, more masculine palette. The first and most dramatic palette is pure me.

Well, at least it was more productive than watching back to back episodes of Under the Dome, although browsing Pinterest and blogs all day makes me just as neglectful a Mummy. And it’ll be no surprise given I am notorious uber last minuter, that my tax return is due this week, that I’ll likely spend tomorrow editing all my existing Pinterest boards and creating new boards per room of the new house, rather than sifting through my receipts and organising my shambles of an inbox drawer, opting to do what must be done in pressure cooker mode on Friday.



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