Pure marketing

We’re designing our product, our retreat, and becoming aware that it’s something unique, something new, and something people don’t yet know they want. We have a vision, and we believe in our vision. It’s not tried and tested, anywhere. It doesn’t exist in the place we plan to set it up. We’re trying to pitch our prices just right based on competitors that are not comparable. And we’re working in pounds and euros, and thinking about French and British custom, about weather and seasons we haven’t experienced, and about an experience we haven’t yet had ourselves! We’re thinking of website design and hosting and copy and booking systems and reviews, word of mouth, and half price offers. We’re thinking about south-facing showers and seatless toilets. I’m asking for quotes in French and reading French websites. I’m feeling cheeky about asking for discounts on bulk orders. I’m drawing layouts for facilities around their roulottes. Seb’s helping me stick tape to the rug and to measure out the width of a bed.

What are we offering?

Retreat : Off the grid : Solar shower : Seclusion : Every moment (think of our Honeymoon) : Special : Extraordinary : Experience : Design : Immerse : Nature : Out of your comfort zone into another : Living in a different way : (Transformational) : Uplifting : Slow living : Haven : Not just a holiday : Private



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