A year from now

Looking ahead to this time next year, to Christmas 2016, where do I hope we’ll be?

For Ben, success in 2016 looks like this. Things that will give him a sense of acheivement and pride. Closure too I think, leaving England having ticked off a few personal goals.

  1. Eridris first draft completed and show to Bob (him reading it on a recording would be ubersuccess)
  2. House sold here, house bought in France, work completed and us all moved in for a first Ariege Christmas
  3. 30 individual memories on my shelf of achievements
  4. Jenna pregnant : )
  5. 5 wickets taken in cricket games over the summer
  6. 50 runs scored overall over the summer
  7. Me and Ed meet up at least twice
  8. Luigi to visit the house before we’ve sold up and moved out

All I want is…

  1. Celebrate Christmas in our new home in the Ariege
  2. To have the business up and running ready to take bookings for 2017
  3. Our French is improving and we’ve made a good first impression
  4. Our friends and family are still talking to us
  5. We are all able to enjoy Christmas without worrying about our finances and without regretting the move, without being home sick
  6. I’d like to feel relaxed enough about the work needed on the new house and business that we’re at least trying for another baby

I can’t think of any goals that aren’t about us as a family. Because I really know for the first Christmas in my adult life that I have everything I want and I’m supremely happy in my life, in myself, with my lot. I’m really content.

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee



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