A few nights ago we watched two videos set to the song Happy, filmed in the streets and market of St Girons. This is how it made us feel:

It was relief I felt as a lump reached my throat and tears filled my eyes. People who unashamedly love life and who live their lives for themselves, who care about others but not what others think so as to limit their own fulfilment. People with a sense of fun and humour about the every day silly things. People who would greet you and your efforts with genuine positivity. Potential friends and accepting, welcoming neighbours. That’s what it meant to me. That we might belong. I immediately questioned whether the type of person who cried happy tears would belong among those happy market dancers, but that self-doubt has more to do with experience here in England, culture here, than fears about French culture, truly.


I watched it at work, so I skipped through and looked at all the people. How many types of people there were, not just one group of people, but kids, families, older people and quite a few attractive women so Jen would fit in well, we wouldn’t look out of place. There seemed to be people we could connect with. People with positive self-image, and they all looked so happy, exuberant. They didn’t strike me as foreign. Some of the fashion was French, but I felt more like them than not, like they were our people. Of course I could imagine Seb dancing in the video, in his element, and how well the kids would go down with their uber blonde hair. It makes me want to know the language better. I don’t just want to say thank you and good morning to these people, but to ask them what the video means to them and what living in St-Girons means to them. It made me want to be there, walking through those book stalls. It was cool how many stall holders took part, how they’re not at the market just to make money, but that being there is part of what being in that community means. There’s a nice comminuty feel. Not exactly hippy, more bohemian. With no animosity between the off-gridders and people who just live there. There seemed to be a demographic of choice. One guy I liked most was the chicken guy, taking part, but in his own way. I loved how everyone who took part was totally in it, completely ignoring a car going past. St-Girons seems like a really cool place. A place full of life, quite happening. It made me think actually being half an hour’s bike ride from St-Girons would be the perfect location. Here is a community I would love to be a part of.



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