What’s so good about a dream life anyway?

Dream kitchen, dream christmas, dream wedding, dream house, dream car, dream partner, dream job, dream life. Everyone seems to have these ideas of perfection that they work or love or spend their way towards thinking that one day they will have it all. Then, finally, with everything they ever wanted, they’d be able to sit back, relax and enjoy it all. Pictures of dream christmases and their dream wedding alongside pictures of their dream kids and grandkids. And will that amount to a dream life in their eyes? Yes and no. The absolute dream scenario being to have it all without having ever suffered (work, experiece loss, heartbreak) for it.

I detest what ‘dream’ this and that has come to mean. It’s all about stuff. Newer, flashier stuff. Every year. Forever. There is no end to perfection. But we’re in the business of reclaiming words like dream.

For us, there’s no satisfaction in a freebe, in a lottery win making it easy, instant. It’s the blood, sweat and tears that make you love your house. Your business. Your life. It’s doing it despite it being hard, risky, that makes you feel like you’ve won.

It’s the conversations the bath makes happen not the bath itself that makes it the dream bath.

It’s the freedom from wallpaper that means you can let your kids draw on the walls.That’s giving them a dream childhood.

It’s prizing your wild kid’s whacky expressions not their graduation picture that goes hand in hand with a relationship between you of friends, of equals, that many people think impossible.

It’s appreciating your partner because you fought for each other, you stuck it out, you alone saw the diamond in the rough, that makes your lovestory a fairytale.

It’s the rain that makes your wedding day perfect.



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