Telling people makes it real

This morning I casually told Seb’s nursery and the head of the organisation I run a parenting group for that we’ll be moving to France in 2018. So far the handful of people we’ve told have been excited and supportive, but telling authorities, letting the system know our plans, seems like a step. We like telling people not so much because we want to talk about it – ok Ben wants to talk about it – but what I get out of it is the reminder that what we’re doing is really cool, and that it is a big deal. It’s easy for me to take our move and our plans for granted, once I feel sure it will happen, and once we’re into the logistics and nitty gritty of next steps, it becomes far less exciting. It being news for other people helps keep it new and fresh and exciting for me. Telling Kim and Michelle helps commit me in my own mind and heart to following through, to actually moving to France, to making sure it happens. The more people I tell, the more unthinkable it becomes to have to say to them all, well actually, we changed our minds. Because I am a mind-changer. I like new projects, I like moving onto the next big idea. We can’t sit still, we don’t let the grass grow under our feet, and why would we, why should we? We have one life and it’s happening now. It’s up to us to seek out the very best version of that life we can, and start living it now. What’s crucial in this stage of the dream is to not have our bubble burst. So while we want to share this process, these developing plans and ideas publicly and with everyone we know and love, we’re being guarded until we have all of the answers to the questions and concerns we anticipate because of the worry on our behalf that was quite crushing when we decided to fight for Jam Jar House. The dream is two and a half  years away from fruition, and while some people would be excited and could sustain the excitement with us for that long, others wouldn’t accept it as a bona fide plan. Not until we’ve explored every possible permeation of the dream and settled absolutely 100% on THE version of the dream we intend to pursue, come what may, will we feel confident enough to open it up to criticism.



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