Playing catch up

Ben’s being really cautious and conservative when thinking and talking about the business side of the dream. He sees the business we set up as the thing that enables the dream whereas I see it as an integral part of the dream itself. He’s got his sensible worry-head on, I think I’m more confident and optimistic, getting excited about making the business ours, but he thinks I’ve got my head in the clouds.

Because Ben and I feel like one person most of the time, I do neglect to fill him in on what I’m imagining and take him through my thought processes. I think he can read my mind because I’m quite good at reading his. Well not so much his mind but his soul. So it takes a bit of a fractious discussion for Ben to catch up with what seem to him flights of fancy until he wraps his head around the financials and sees how obvious my vision is.

I’m not very patient with grey face. Negativity infuriates me. Why think the worst until you are presented with evidence that you should feel defeated by the world? He laughs at me because I talk as if the world doesn’t have a choice in the matter. That what I decide will happen, will happen. I feel that way because all the decisions between now and starting our new lives in France are ours to make. The control is in our hands.

I’m not blinkered to the risk committing to a new concept and to going in at the exclusive end of glamping holds. I just don’t think risk is a bad thing. I think it’s precisely the risk that is an exciting opportunity and it’s a well-informed risk that always pays off most.

Our lives will not be able to be kept separate from our business. Our emotions, our peace, our freedom will not be protected from the business. We’re inviting people onto our property and trusting them to be good human beings while they are in our lives. We need to set up everything to do with the business to be uttterly us. I can’t not make everything I do personal. I can’t create something mediocre. The dream isn’t about safe or convenient. Even when it comes to making money. Because it’s about fulfilment. So we need the business to be a dream. To not feel like work. To not be something we resent or dread. It cannot contradict our principles and priorities.

We want to pass this gift on. We want to support writers, and homeschoolers in their dreams. We want to be able to choose not to charge people to come and stay with us. This dream is both of ours. We want our llives to mean something greater than our own fulfilment. That will be our legacy. So we need to set things up from the start to help us to acheive that dream through the business. Not just to meet our minimum income as risk-free as possible.

So it’s out with looking for a gite. And it’s roulottes all the way.

That’s what feels right. That’s what I know is us.



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