Wow factor

We’re looking for something special. We knew as much at the very beginning of the dream search in the Wye. The practicalities have always been secondary to the magic, the uniqueness, the omg of a place. We’ll make anywhere we call home special, different, stand out. But we need excitement in the location, the setting, and the bones of the property. The immoveables – the character, the features, the quirks, the rarities.

That’s why we fall in love with the few places that pop up in our extensive searches that truly stand out to us. We know straight away that they are a bit special. And we wouldn’t know that were it not for extensively researching the properties available all over the UK and France.

When we drove down the Wye Valley and were reminded of the Averyon and Lot Valley in France, we instantly discounted the more modest Forest of Dean. Everything from that point had to beat the impact of the Wye Valley. Great houses on flat bits of land weren’t good enough. Where’s the drama? The interest?

Once we’d embodied our honeymoon B&B in Ventnor, everything else of the Isle of Wight had to beat the outlook and lifestyle it afforded.

Having discovered the cluster of historic and gorgeous, vibrant towns and villages and sights in the Ariege, and all the character stone farmhouse complexes for sale, searching in the Dordogne and even the Cote D’Azur turned up really boring in comparison properties. And having found the ‘Monastery Complex’ every other character farmhouse is just a house. Just a house isn’t exciting enough. We might search exclusively for old mills. You know what’s right when everything else feels so wrong.

As with every decision along the path of the dream, I like to be sure we’re going after the very best of the best. I like to double triple check all the options so that I know with certainty I can settle back and feel confident that our sights are set at the right level.

It’s a gut feeling, but we’re absolutely sure that Bergerac would feel too far inland, and too far north. And staying in the UK, well the Wye is still the best bet. But it just doesn’t cut it anymore. It doesn’t offer us enough space, it doesn’t offer the right weather, and it doesn’t offer the right food. These are not the reasons I want to be listing for a move to France. But when staying in the UK is the practical option, these luxuries are the things that make me think, if we can afford to, then why wouldn’t we? We know where we want to be. It’s knowing when to stop questioning that.



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