A move for life

a system or plan that comes into operation
in the event of something going wrong
or that is there to prevent such an occurrence.

It’s now not if but when we make the giant leap into life in France.

This is by far the hardest dream of them all to keep hold of and to see as sustainable, because it alone offers the true dream life of freedom and of rightness.

Living this dream only to have to admit defeat in years to come, sell up and move back to England would be a catastrophe. It is unthinkable, financially, logistically, but much more vitally it is unthinkable emotionally and psychologically, for us all. We couldn’t recover from turning our backs on the dream once we had gone for it. Because when we commit to a dream, there is no going back. We are in with both feet and there’s no looking back, no regrets, only determination to succeed. It will have all been for nothing if we gave it up. We will have failed to prove to our children that they too CAN live their dreams.

After our challenging session last night we reached a crucial point of resolution.

“Giving up on the (French) dream isn’t the right thing to do”

“If we have £0 we will not move back to the Uk. We will not sell up.”

Statements we both signed with excitement, trepidation and relief.

Adamant that we would not move back to the UK should money from the gites, and from our savings run dry, we’ve come up with fail safes we would put in place to protect us from starving and freezing to death

  1. Buying property with a water source (a well/spring)
  2. Investing in a solar powered outdoor shower, perhaps a composting toilet (Annie wants to spin wool)
  3. Move with at least two years worth of savings to live on
  4. Operate a year in arrears
  5. Live frugally even if we have a good income from the gites and stash any profit away as savings
  6. Look to create other income streams – such as renting out to renewable energy companies/solar panel farm

This is sustainably insulating ourselves from factors beyond our control. This is the security blanket Ben needs to again live the dream in his imagination and excited soul, now, every day, until we step foot in our very own French farmhouse and shut the door on the ‘real world’ forever.



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