What this is all about

Jen does so well at covering what we’re going through, which is good since a lot of what I’ve written has been about memories and thoughts. I wanted us to do this blog to record the things that happen to us as we bridge the gap between the dream we achieved and the dream we’re aiming to achieve. When we took on this house, with our son born the day after the keys were in my wife’s hand for the first time, we were so busy with managing the workmen and jobs that needed to happen we didn’t ever really get a chance to record how we were feeling, what we were feeling, whether we thought we’d make it or whether we were worried we’d be stuck in a two room flat above a cafe for the rest of our lives. Probably it was also because we didn’t have time to think – everything happened to us or with us or because of us in a blur so that the 10 weeks between buying the place and moving in are something I have to sit and think about for a while before remembering in detail. But I’m not trying to remember now. I’m trying to record what’s happening now, but clearly it’s difficult because at times like these I seem to live mainly in the past or in the future, thinking about the amazing things we’ve done and dreaming about the amazing life we have planned. I’m not focused on the here and now. It’s seemed like every day during this crazy time I’ve had a new thought, a new radical idea for how we might make the most of what we’ve earned. I spent the last 12 months researching what we’d do with the mortgage but it was only 12 hours between us getting the valuation and then realising that selling was the only way to secure our future, the best way to secure a future that didn’t involve us all working like idiots until we keeled over. Those first days were ridiculous because the idea was suddenly so overwhelming and yet so obviously the right thing to do, and all I could do was ride the thoughts and plans and ideas that came. The morning a few days in when I burst out with the plan that we’d build our home business led straight away to me excitedly pouring out ideas for this blog and the book I see eventually coming from it. So far what I’ve written has been largely self-indulgent and focused on what I remember or hope for, but overall what I really hope for is to record this process we’re going through, the life that we’re pursuing and the dream that we’re building in order to demonstrate to anyone who might be doubting or pressurised or just scared that dreaming is something that only blind optimists do that in actual fact dreaming is anything but nebulous and ethereal. I want our book to give people strength, to inspire them to believe in their dreams and to grapple with those dreams in order to conjure them into the world.



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