Long-awaited research trip

Clothes are packed, picnic food waits in the fridge. I’ve written reminders for the morning: kids drinks, nappy stuff, toys? soya? pushchair, Seb’s sun hat. I’ve put coats ready – got to be prepared for all weathers. The camera is packed and so is the charger, a full SD card to fill with shots of houses, villages and scenery. We have our route planned and a rough idea of how we’ll spend our two days. I’ve looked up a couple of good picnic spots. The house is a mess so it is essential we pack most of our things the night before we go on a trip. We’re pretty organised tonight thanks to the kids being shattered after a day in Oxford at the park, swimming baths, and then supermarket. I’ve washed up, cleaned the kitchen surfaces, and even emailed clients so I don’t have to worry about them worrying this weekend. I can give our long-awaited research trip my undivided attention. I’m coming off a high from two weddings in two days. Both were stunning and I had a real connection with both couples and famlies, and they loved my work, and made me feel part of them. I feel proud of my work. I’m not excited about the trip exactly, but I am looking forward to it and I know I will be excited once we get past Gloucester. I’m chief photographer and note-taker. I’m really really hoping Ben will be excited and more bouyant than on our impromptu visit to English Bicknor a week ago. I badly don’t want us to feel disappointed in the area, so I’m anxious. Interested to see how places we’ve seen on streetview and google maps look in real life. I’m expecting us to come away with a favourite that’s not even on our radar, or to change tack again completely as a result of this trip. We’re having dinner with some friends and their baby nearby to our hotel, premier inn of course, the Catley-Richardson staple. It will be so nice to have people excited about our move, and to chat with people who already call our new home their home. And with that thought, I am excited. Tired, but excited. Happy bank holiday weekend!



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