Whole : Life

We each picked a word to have inscribed on the inside of our wedding rings. Ben picked ‘whole’ and I picked ‘life’. Marrying Ben felt like the beginning of my life, and all our dreams together have been about living our lives full to the brim. This move is about grabbing life by the balls and living it the way we really truly believe life should be lived. It’s about acting on and living out our parenting, educational, sociological, psychological philosophies. Lord knows we’ve done enough thinking and TALKING about our theories. Imagine if we died never having put anything we believe to be so, into practice. This wouldn’t just be a stupidly missed opportunity, we’d have done our kids, their kids, and through them the wider world a ginormous disservice. Not that we’re a couple of geniuses or anything but it would be a travesty for us to churn out a couple of conventionally thinking kids with nothing crazy to go to the world and say and do. How boring would that be?

Honestly, there is a lot of pressure on this move. We’re expecting, hoping it will fulfil a whole gamut of our dreams. It’s easy to feel confident that it will acheive what we want it to, because a) all the decisions in terms of the house and location, and the compromises we make are ours, so it will only be our fault if our dreams are not fulfilled b) our dreams are all connected – manage to fulfil one (the right one) dream well and everything else should follow. Ben just wants to be a writer, but I have a whole perfect picture in my head of what I want my life to look like. Part of that picture involves home-educating my four (two yet to be born) feral children, or rather seeing them run out the back door into our own private woodland, and just messing about, playing, discovering, imagining, having adventures, building, having fun, getting dirty, and coming back into the house only when they’re hungry or want a hug. That’s my life. And it’s just waiting for me, around the corner. A very exciting corner.



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